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I attended a three hour class for pregnant women with diabetes. We learned about all you needed to know about gestational diabetes, we did a meal plan, and we also learned how to test our blood sugar levels, aka, pricking our fingers! We had to all do it for the nurse in class so the nurse can make sure that we’re doing it right. I did such a great job in class (I always strive to be the A student, haha!), but when I came home, it was a fail! It took three needles, four pricks (I reused a needle), and two test strips before I was able to have a successful reading. Now my index, middle, and ring finger are sore. Boohoo. And I have to do this four times a day! Oh no! Once when I wake up, before eating anything, and then an hour after every meal. I have to do this until I deliver my baby. Aiyaiyaiyaiyai!

My first blood sugar reading with my brand new device was very good. And I even went out to eat! Good job, *pat on back* I know I need to keep my blood sugar at a safe, normal level for the benefit of the baby. It was quite scary learning about all the dangers too much sugar in my blood can cause the baby. So, even if I have to cut out all my favorite foods like chocolate, ice cream, and white rice, I’ll gladly do it for my baby.

It really is a big lifestyle change with the meal plan. I basically have to eat six times a day. I cannot go without food for more than 2-3 hours in my awake hours, and my breakfast the next day cannot be more than 8-10 hours from my last meal/snack from the previous day. That means, I can’t go to bed and sleep for more than 10 hours because I need to eat! And being pregnant, that’s hard, cos sometimes all I want to do is go to bed when EJ goes to bed! That’s what I did last night, actually. I went to bed at 8:30 at night. I didn’t get breakfast until almost 8 in the morning, so that’s almost 12 hours without food. That’s a no-no. So, even though I’m so sleepy right now, I have to stay up a little bit longer so I can have my last snack of the day. I guess I can always wake up earlier… neh.

Eating that many meals a day is actually a lot. For example, I need 3 servings of a milk a day. THREE! I only usually do just one, if even that! But I can’t drink milk in the morning because sugars in the mornings are bad (can’t do fruit in the morning or night either), so I have to squeeze milk into the rest of the day. The nurse says it may seem like a lot, but you’re just eating smaller meals more often throughout the day. That makes sense. And so far on this diet, I lost 3 pounds last week. And this week, another half pound so far. It’s good, I guess, that I’m losing weight, right?

Anyhow, we have to keep meticulous data of our blood sugar ratings. A nurse will call every week to get my data and make sure I’m managing my blood sugar well. Good! I need someone to keep me accountable! I’m worried about the month in Singapore, though. Don’t think the nurse will call Singapore, and eating all that greasy food might cause chaos to my blood sugar!

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