EJ’s birthday party

24 Oct 2012 11:35 pm | Category: Birthday, Ethan

I was debating whether or not to host a birthday party for EJ. I mean, he’s two, he’s not gonna remember it. And being 8 months pregnant, I didn’t really want to do all the work! Well, Eric decided we should have one anyway. So we did.

I spent most time on the birthday cake. EJ loves chocolate and one of my favorite chocolate cake recipe is my friend, Rie’s. So, I made that cake for EJ (also for myself, hehe), and decided to make it Thomas the tank engine themed. Funny kid. Most kids like Thomas, the main character, but EJ likes Percy, Thomas’s best friend. Donno why. So, instead of a blue train, I made a green one. I started making the fondant face and funnel of the train on Wednesday. Thursday I made the chocolate mousse ganache filling and buttercream frosting. And Friday I made the cake, colored the frosting and put everything together. Stayed up until 3am to finish the cake! It’s a personal achievement. Last year, I was still scrambling to finish his birthday cake on the morning of the party, so this year, I made sure the cake was done the night before. It turned out pretty good! Proud of myself. 🙂

I knew I didn’t want to do much cooking, so really the only thing I made was the BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw. We also had cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, chow mien from Ranch 99, grapes, and Hawaiian sweet rolls. All of EJ’s favorite food.


The pulled pork.

We had about 35 people, including kids show up to the party. We opened up the backyard and people had blankets on the back lawn, having a little picnic. I’m so glad the weather held up! It had been rainy and cloudy and cold all week, but it totally cleared up and warmed up on Saturday! Thank goodness!!



The chocolate cake was so yummy. Such a simple recipe, too! There was enough leftover scraps that had been trimmed off to bring to church the next day. I fed my RS class and EJ’s nursery class too. Good thing we got rid of the leftovers, it would’ve been too tempting for me to just eat it all! I could too, even though I shouldn’t.

It is definitely tiring to host a birthday party and cook and clean everything up. (Where was Eric?!?! Taking care of the drinks, I guess. Lol) But it’s EJ’s last birthday as an only child! So, it was worth it, of course.

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  1. Keshia on October 28th, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Oh my word- that cake looks freaking amazing. Way to go Sharn!

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