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My mom was here for over a month to help me with confinement. That’s one month of no going out and no bathing/washing of hair. Just one month of eating healthy, nourishing traditional Chinese confinement food and sleeping as much as I can. Let’s just say I definitely went out and I definitely bathed and washed my hair! Well, I dressed warm and always blew my hair dry after shower (thus the short hair)! So, I wasn’t so “obedient” in keeping with those rules. But I definitely ate lots of nourishing confinement food! My mom made sure I had lots of “warm” food. Everyday, for a month, she made me ginger chicken soup. That’s grinding the ginger into mince and hand squeezing the juice out, since I didn’t have a juicer. I think next time I should really get a juicer. It takes a long time to make that soup! There was also red date soup. I had those two types of soup every day. There was lots of steamed pork ribs with black pepper sauce, asparagus, mushrooms, black fungus, red bean… Confinement food isn’t exactly very exciting, but it’s good and at least I didn’t have to cook!

While my mom took care of me, and I took care of Elsa. Eric’s parents were here to take care of EJ. They took him out everyday. They would go out to the mall or the playground, take him out to lunch, bring him home to Eric’s grandma’s for nap, feed him dinner, and then bring him back home after that. I hardly saw EJ! It was nice in a way because I got to spend time and bond with baby Elsa. On the other hand, I found that I really really missed him! The first few days were hard for me. Afterall, before Elsa came, EJ and I spent 24/7 together. We were always together, doing everything together. Eating, sleeping, playing, running errands… I always had EJ with me. He was my best bud! For the first few days, EJ was also not too used to having Elsa around. He was really whiney and clingy and would cry easily. He would get upset over the littlest things. I remember one time just crying with him. He was clinging onto me and crying and trying to tell me what he wanted, but he wasn’t making sense. I couldn’t help it (hormones/tired/frustrated) and I just cried with him. In the end he just wanted me to hold him. There were other rare moments where we spent one-on-one time together, and I found myself just tearing up because I realize how much I’d missed spending time with him. Hormones can make me very emotional!

Of course things got better eventually. EJ’s moving on from being a jealous brother to being a very protective brother. He wouldn’t let anyone hold her or change her diaper. He would get so upset and yell out “Meimei! Meimei! Mom! Mom!” We would have to tell him that it’s ok that someone else is holding meimei (little sister). He’s becoming such a sweet and loving brother. He knows how to get Elsa’s pacifier if she’s crying. He’ll pat her and comfort her. Rock her when she’s on the bouncer (sometimes a little to hard and we have to remind him to be gentle). And even try and carry her! I’m excited for her to be a little older so they can play together!

Having the second one around is definitely also life changing. It takes longer to go anywhere and do anything. (Even blogging! This blog has taken me two weeks to type!) But it’s so fun. I love my two little kiddos!

Chilling in our pjs.

Chilling in our pjs

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