My Brave Little Boy

17 May 2013 12:40 pm | Category: Ethan

The pollen count had been really high and EJ was hit with bad allergies. We went to see his doctor about his red, swollen, watery eyes. We didn’t know what you can do with a 2yo with allergies. Thank goodness there are eye drops for that. While we were there, they took his height and weight. He’d actually lost weight and had only grown about an inch since his last appointment in October. We were worried that he wasn’t growing, so the doctor suggested we test for metabolic illnesses (like thyroid, diabetes, etc.). That meant taking blood. I really hate to do that, but I wanted to be sure that he was ok. So we went ahead with the testing.

He sat in my lap, and I held him really tightly so he won’t jerk. The technician put the needle into his right arm, and to my horror, blood didn’t come out. And to my even greater horror, the technician moved the needle around (while it was still in his arm), trying to find the blood. MOVED THE NEEDLE AROUND! “Where’s the blood? I can feel the vein. The vein’s right there, right? Come take a look. (to another technician)” HORROR. But, I’m blessed with a really brave little boy, because EJ didn’t cry and didn’t try to pull his arm away. If he was crying, I know I would be, too. Then I suggested, “Please try the other arm!” which they did. And this time, blood flowed out, and again, no tears from my little superhero.

Tests results have come back, and nothing out of the ordinary. Thank goodness. Doc says EJ is just a tiny little guy. He’s happy. He’s healthy. We don’t need to really worry about anything. Thinking back about that day, watching the needle being prodded around inside his arm, just breaks my heart. We did say a prayer together before the procedure, and I like to think our little boy was blessed by his Heavenly Father that day.

Bandages on both arms + red, swollen eyes

Bandages on both arms + red, swollen eyes

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  1. Lisa Michelle on May 18th, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    What a brave little guy!

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