Potty Training Day 1

10 Aug 2013 09:45 pm | Category: Ethan, Potty, sick

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged! Yeah, not so motivated these days. I’ve been visiting all these preschools trying to decide where to send EJ. He’s not quite 3 yet, but he went to school when we were in Singapore and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tuition was only $155/mo there (2 hrs/day 5x/wk), which is a steal compared to here! We’re looking at at least $400/mo and only twice a week. Boo! Don’t know why it’s so expensive! We’re also trying to find a bilingual/immersion Chinese school for EJ. We haven’t been very vigilant about speaking Chinese at home, so hopefully he’ll learn some at school! Anyway, it’s been a headache. I’ve been spending most of my spare time researching schools and visiting campuses. Most bilingual schools don’t offer part time programs. And also most preschools require the kid to be potty trained. Which brings us to the potty training blog….

I’ve heard great things about the 3 day potty training ebook written by a mom in Utah with 5 kids. Her results are 100% guarantee or your money back! You just have to follow her instructions and stay home for 3 whole days! It’s potty training for both day and night. Woah. Day and night?! I’m thinking it’s too good to be true. EJ wakes up with a FULL diaper every morning. And he loves playing so much that he won’t tell you that he has to go! Anyway, we’ve just come to the end of Day 1. Here’s hoping EJ doesn’t completely ruin his mattress tonight with his pee.

We started the day by throwing away his diapers. He cried! He was devastated that we were throwing away his Mickey diapers, even though we have Lightning McQueen underwear. We eventually convinced him that he was a big boy and we were done with diapers. He participated in throwing the diapers away, but still fought the underwear. Thank goodness we have other patterns to choose from, we went through a few before he gave in and picked one out to put on. We basically drowned him with fluids. Juice, popsicles, water, smoothies…. I could tell that he was holding it in. I had a feeling that he was holding it in. We kept telling him to make sure his underwear is dry and to let us know if he needs to go. For the first half of the day, he would say no when we ask him to tell us. Eventually he was ok with it. Anyway, long story short, he had accidents on the couch, the carpet, and the bed. We made it to the toilet only once. He even had a poopy one. Let me just say that cleaning poop out of underwear is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! I kept asking him, let me know if you have to go! And he kept saying no…. But the one time I caught him in the act, we ran to the bathroom and he finished up in the toilet was a moment of victory and pride for him. I hope it will click with him by tomorrow or at least have things better by tomorrow! It’s tiring (Elsa also broke out in roseola today, luckily nothing too bad yet). We have to keep by his side and be focused on him the whole time. I let my guard down once, and that’s when he had the huge accident on the carpet. (We got some pet spot cleaner for that, recommended by other moms.)

Our carpets are lined with blankets and pads, but he’d missed it every time. Kicked the padding off the pad during his nap and woke up completely soaked in his own pee. Eric went in to check on him and he said, “Daddy I need to go pee.” Yah, sure you do! Anyway, it’s only day 1. The writer of the book said her 1st son didn’t get it until the end of the third day and had like 20-50 accidents a day (he sure pees a lot!) Right now I’m supposed to go lie next to him, and throughout the night, if he starts stirring, asks him if he needs to go pee. Wow. EJ sleeps like a log, so let’s see if this is gonna work. We might be changing the sheets a few times tonight. Wish us luck! … actually we’re gonna need a miracle! -_-


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  1. Lisa Michelle on August 11th, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Can’t tell you how interested I am in the end of this story, so keep me posted!! Crossed fingers!

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