Potty Training Day 2

11 Aug 2013 08:20 pm | Category: Ethan, Potty

I didn’t think I would survive today, but I did! Barely. It really isn’t fun being stuck at home. Worse. Being stuck at home for two straight days and having to say “Remember to tell mommy if you have to go pee pee” or “Is your underpants still dry?” every few minutes. I think EJ’s sick of hearing it and I’m definitely sick of saying it!

On the up side though, we’ve progressed! We only had two accidents today. The first one was at the start of the day when I was brushing my teeth and EJ was out in the living room by himself. He came running to the bathroom telling me had to go pee pee, but he’d already gone on the carpet. Well, he’d left a trail on the carpet, as he was running to the bathroom. -_- The other time was when Eric had fallen asleep on the couch and EJ couldn’t wake him up in time to take him to the bathroom (I was nursing Elsa in the room). So really, EJ had a legitimate excuse for having both accidents. Haha. We have gone from EJ not even telling us he had gone and just sitting in his own mess, to telling us he needs to go AFTER he had already gone, and now to a little tinkle in his underpants and telling us he has to go. So, I would say, it’s progress!!

I have to say though, he’s still very stubborn! We can avoid the whole “little bit of tinkle in his underpants” if he would just go right away. He would hold it until he can’t hold anymore, then tell us he has to go. You can totally tell that he needs to go, but he fights it. Eric tried making him go once, and he was just legs flaring and kicking and won’t go. He’ll go when he wants to. Ahh!!! So stubborn! The book did talk about how it is harder for older kids to be potty trained because they can get set in their ways. I thought it would be easier! Many moms have told me not to even bother potty training boys until they’re at least 3 years old. Oh well, we’ll see what happens after tomorrow.

About the night time dryness. I cheated last night. After he went to sleep, I kept checking on him every half hour or so. The book said to wake them up an hour after they’ve gone to bed and bring them to the bathroom. EJ was completely out! Snoring in deep sleep. I couldn’t wake him up! He would be so mad. So I cheated and snuck a diaper over his underpants. Eric got mad too. “We’re not following her instructions!” But I really don’t want to change sheets in the middle of the night!! About 3 or 4am, EJ woke up and wanted milk! We didn’t give it to him. I believe he was still dry then. Even without the milk though, he still woke up wet. He’s not ready for night time dryness! ….. Tonight, he’s gone to bed with just his underpants. No diapers (yet). We’ll see how far into the night I can last before I give in and put a diaper on him.

Right now, I’d rather be changing diapers. -__- We just have to persevere! It’s too late to turn back now!

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  1. Lisa Michelle on August 12th, 2013 at 1:14 am

    Hmm…what are the odds I can pay someone else to potty train Blake? I’m so afraid! My other friend mentioned that e-book as well, which is why I’m so curious how it worked. I finally came to the decision Blake wasn’t ready to be potty trained pre-baby, but I still can’t stop thinking about it and trying to figure out when he will be ready.

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