Potty Training Day 3

13 Aug 2013 01:12 pm | Category: Ethan, Potty

The second night, we decided to be brave and go without diapers. Well, I changed the bedsheets at 3am and again when EJ woke up around 9. He didn’t even have anything else to drink between 3am and 9am! How did he wet the sheets again?!?! Must be all the fluids we’ve been giving him during the day. So, nights are still not a success.

Day 3 was great, though! No accidents! Yay! However, I think it has become a power struggle with EJ for him to TELL me he has to go. He just won’t tell me. I know he has to go, but he won’t say it. So I ended up just saying to him, “Ok! Let’s go!” Thankfully, he follows willingly. But If I have to ask, he won’t. He’ll fight it and refuse to go. Grr!! Anyway, I’m getting him to go. We had no accidents on Day 3 (except at nap time…), so it is a big step from where we started on Day 1!

Nap time. He peed before going down. But still, he managed to wet his bed. 🙁 So that was the third time changing the sheets within a 12 hour period. Sigh. Maybe we’re just not ready to go without diapers when sleeping? The author of the book was very confident in saying that if your child is 22 months, they’re ready. We’re trying again today.

At the end of Day 3, we went out. We have been cooped in the house and I wanted OUT! We had to get some things at Target anyway. I was very VERY nervous. This is EJ’s first time out without diapers! I made sure to pack extra pants and underwear. It was a success! No accidents! And again, this morning, we went to the park. No accident! He has an amazing ability to hold it in! He refuses to go in the public toilets. I wouldn’t either, it’s so gross, so I’m really glad he has good bladder control. Haha 🙂

As I laid him down for his nap just now, I asked if he wanted his diapers. He confidently said “NO!” We’re definitely a big boy now! We just have to deal with night times (and naps) now….. He’s never ever ever had a dry diaper in the mornings, so this might take a while :/

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  1. Keshia on August 27th, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    Keep going!!!

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