I had intended to take EJ and Elsa karaoke at this place near our house. It was $1/hr/person for the morning. But then, Elsa was sick. She was sick two days before with a fever. And her fever still had not gone down. So we stayed home. Elsa just wanted to be carried and cuddled. She was so weak, she just fell asleep on the couch. She’s never done that before.


Well, after a huge nap, Elsa’s fever went down to 100F. She was having 102-103 fever that day. Good thing it went down, so we decided to just go out for a quick dinner. We went to a Hong Kong bistro near our place and we ordered all my favorite foods. Elsa even had her appetite back, so she ate well.


Instead of a birthday cake, I opted for ice cream this year. Eric got me my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. It’s still in the freezer, I haven’t opened it. I’m saving it. Looks like next week’s going to be hot, I’ll crack it open then 🙂

We also spent two nights at a nearby Marriott hotel this weekend. Eric had some free nights that needed to be used up by the end of May. We chose this hotel because it had an indoor pool. Something the kids would enjoy.



My birthday meal Round 2 was at this Korean fusion place. It was so yummy. They’re known for their fries (topped with melted cheese and bulgogi meat) and Seoul burger (beef patty with bulgogi sauce and egg with semi-runny yolk). Their rolls were delicious too. Spam and kimchi roll and bulgogi roll. Even better was that everything was really cheap there! So we ate a lot. Lol.



The kids enjoyed the pool. It was Elsa’s first time swimming. We took her to a pool last year, but she spent the whole time in a float. This time, she went in the water. She absolutely loved it. They were so exhausted after the swim. I’m so tempted to buy a kiddie pool for them. Especially since it’s gonna be hot next week!



The worst part about this whole weekend trip was the night time. We only got one king. They were all out of two doubles. So the four of us all squeezed onto one bed. Lol. It was hardest on Elsa. She’s so used to sleeping in her own room and in her own bed. She couldn’t sleep with all of us around. She didn’t sleep well at all. We were so tempted the second night to just drive home to sleep. But EJ insisted we all stay. Lol. I put Elsa down to bed just now and she was so happy to see her crib. She rolled over contently and fell right asleep.

Icing on the cake today: Eric sat with us for the first time at sacrament. He’s been released from the branch presidency. This is the first time we get to sit together as a family at church, other than stake conference. He’s had the calling before EJ was born, so EJ was excited that daddy gets to sit with us. And Eric realized how wiggly his kids really are. I got to listen to the talks and sing my hymns while Eric was trying to not let them army crawl their way under the benches. Fun times!

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  1. Lisa Michelle on April 29th, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    What a fun little trip! Those fries look amazing. I feel like we have similar taste in food. 🙂

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